Saturday, December 14, 2013

Litecoin Release Notes

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v0.8.6.1 is Litecoin's biggest release ever with improvements for everyone.  This includes popular wallet features like Coin Control, relay/miner-only Disable Wallet mode, MacOS X block database corruption fix, faster validation, faster propagation, reduced orphans for miners and a 20x reduction in the default mintxfee.

p2pool users must upgrade to version 13.4+.

Technical Changelog
  • v0.8.6.1
    • Bitcoin 0.8.6 Fixes
      • Fixed rare issue involving relay of invalid transactions.
      • Fixed rare MacOS X crash during GUI send.
      • Fixed the MacOS X leveldb corruption issue.
      • More informative debug.log messages about peers and messages.
      • Timestamps enabled by default in debug.log.
    • Litecoin Changes
      • Default mintxfee reduced by 20x to 0.001 LTC per kilobyte.
      • Dust thresholds reduced by 10x.
      • More fairness: High priority area reduced to 17KB per block.  High priority tx size limit reduced to 5KB.  See notes in commits to learn more.
      • Coin Control 0.8.5
      • SSE2 PoW validation 
      • Disable Wallet Mode
        • Optional advanced feature for relay-only or mining nodes where a wallet is not required.  Operating litecoind with disablewallet saves between 40-200MB of RAM.
        • Disconnect nodes older than protocol version 70002 (Litecoin
          • Disallow connections from clients that are a dangerously old.  Along with the alerts this is to encourage those users to upgrade their client to better protect both themselves and the entire network.
        • Add verifychain and getbestblockhash
        • Fix MacOS X dock icon menu.

    Download Binaries
    Warning: Please use GPG to verify the integrity of the binary downloads.  Linux, MacOS or Win32 cygwin command line GPG instructions are available here.  The community wrote a Windows GPG4Win guide with screenshots which is available here.  All builds are signed by the team GPG key C37E4723969276F5.  The exact binaries for Linux and Win32 are reproducible with Gitian.
    Discuss Litecoin in this forum thread.

    Support Litecoin Development
    If you appreciate our work, please consider making a small donation to the Litecoin Dev Fundraiser.  It takes a considerable amount of effort to guard against mistakes while working on this software.  We also use funds to cover regular expenses like server infrastructure, hire a professional security auditor and other contractors, to pay a law firm to protect the project, and to produce an upcoming educational video about Litecoin.  Businesses may be interested in getting their name listed in the sponsor list.