Saturday, December 14, 2013

Litecoin Release Notes

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v0.8.6.1 is Litecoin's biggest release ever with improvements for everyone.  This includes popular wallet features like Coin Control, relay/miner-only Disable Wallet mode, MacOS X block database corruption fix, faster validation, faster propagation, reduced orphans for miners and a 20x reduction in the default mintxfee.

p2pool users must upgrade to version 13.4+.

Technical Changelog
  • v0.8.6.1
    • Bitcoin 0.8.6 Fixes
      • Fixed rare issue involving relay of invalid transactions.
      • Fixed rare MacOS X crash during GUI send.
      • Fixed the MacOS X leveldb corruption issue.
      • More informative debug.log messages about peers and messages.
      • Timestamps enabled by default in debug.log.
    • Litecoin Changes
      • Default mintxfee reduced by 20x to 0.001 LTC per kilobyte.
      • Dust thresholds reduced by 10x.
      • More fairness: High priority area reduced to 17KB per block.  High priority tx size limit reduced to 5KB.  See notes in commits to learn more.
      • Coin Control 0.8.5
      • SSE2 PoW validation 
      • Disable Wallet Mode
        • Optional advanced feature for relay-only or mining nodes where a wallet is not required.  Operating litecoind with disablewallet saves between 40-200MB of RAM.
        • Disconnect nodes older than protocol version 70002 (Litecoin
          • Disallow connections from clients that are a dangerously old.  Along with the alerts this is to encourage those users to upgrade their client to better protect both themselves and the entire network.
        • Add verifychain and getbestblockhash
        • Fix MacOS X dock icon menu.

    Download Binaries
    Warning: Please use GPG to verify the integrity of the binary downloads.  Linux, MacOS or Win32 cygwin command line GPG instructions are available here.  The community wrote a Windows GPG4Win guide with screenshots which is available here.  All builds are signed by the team GPG key C37E4723969276F5.  The exact binaries for Linux and Win32 are reproducible with Gitian.
    Discuss Litecoin in this forum thread.

    Support Litecoin Development
    If you appreciate our work, please consider making a small donation to the Litecoin Dev Fundraiser.  It takes a considerable amount of effort to guard against mistakes while working on this software.  We also use funds to cover regular expenses like server infrastructure, hire a professional security auditor and other contractors, to pay a law firm to protect the project, and to produce an upcoming educational video about Litecoin.  Businesses may be interested in getting their name listed in the sponsor list.


    1. WoW many changes.
      Thanks for all your hard work

    2. Please can you tell us how to download the upgrade only? I don't want to re-install Litecoin, last time it took me 3 days to update all the transactions
      Many thanks

    3. I'm just getting started with Litecoin, and when I tried to download the linux installer from it took me to a page with a jumbled mess of code/characters. Did I do it wrong?

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thomas, did you download this link?

    5. Hi. Trying to verify the download with the instructions in the link provided for Windows 7.

      Getting this message from Kelopatra: "Could not determine whether this is an S/MIME or OpenGPG signature - maybe it is not a signature at all?"

      Any insight?

    6. Do I need to worry about moving coins in my old wallet before doing the upgrade? Do they transfer over automatically, or do I risk of litecoin loss?


      1. You should be making regular backups of wallet.dat. That is the only file you need to restore in the event of something going wrong.

        Aside from the backups, an upgrade is expected to be compatible with the old wallet.dat.

      2. is it possible to update wallet, without need of synching from scratch?

    7. Couldn`t anyone open an official litecoin blog and make a download to hack peoples litecoin wallets?, how do i know this is an official download looks like a hastily made blog page to me?.
      Another question if you are able to put a link in my wallet to this new upgrade what is preventing you from doing whatever you want with my wallet??.

    8. Also i dont see a windows 64 bit download?.

    9. die auto aktualisierung funktioniert bei mir nicht. ich muss da program immer neu starten um neue eintreffende zahlungen zu sehen

    10. Hello ik zit met een probleem: hoe kan ik een backup restoren in het programma Litecoin QT op een MacBook Pro, ik vind geen informatie over dit onderwerp, thank u for help.
      Hello, i have a problem, how can I restore an backup into my program Litecoin Qt on my MacBook Pro, I can’t find information about that. Thanks for any help

    11. Hi there!To whoem this concerns.We can not send any lightcoins to BTC- website because our passphrase does not want to open it up.We have the right password .We have it written the passphrase 2 times in 2 different notebooks.We have always used the same password.This is a fairly new wallet and it kept saying that we needed to update to Litecoin after we updated the wallet ,we can not use our wallet now because the pass phrase does not work.If we did not do the update for this litecoin wallet we would be opening and sending litecoins and we can actually use this.You people people made this happen.What kind of program or trojens are you sending people so that they can not use their updated litecoin wallets!!!!It is a bunch of BS!!!!!!You need to fix what happened and what is wrong with the new updated litecoin. our lite coin wallet adress is LTpczuiA9rp5Nc8twWBcawP51h9mNwXeyU .please fix this problem of ours .Why is there no decrytion tool or something that we can redo our pass word phrase?We have invested in 26 litecoins and this is alot of money! that we have in this litecoin wallet.We will attached some pictures of what is happening!Please us back and actually respond to us!Pete

    12. Do not down load the newest verison of litecoin wallet.If you have a encrypted wallet, you will not be able to use your same password !You will lose your coins! We have used the same passphrase and we did "NOT" forget or lose our password.We should have never down loaded the newest wallet and this would have never happened to us!!!!!!!!

      1. It is highly unlikely that you lost anything, although it would be easier if you followed directions and made backup copies of wallet.dat before upgrading. What version were you running prior?

      2. Please calm down and go to the LitecoinTalk forum to discuss this issue. It is not usual for a software upgrade to break the ability to read old wallets. Please report what version were you running before and it is likely the current wallet.dat or an earlier backup prior to the upgrade will work with the old version of the client.


    For technical support please go to the forum. Blog comments are a bad place for discussion.