Friday, September 13, 2013

Litecoin OMG Experimental Branch

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Litecoin OMG is a branch containing many experimental patches, features and performance improvements that seem to work but are not yet included in Litecoin because we are not sure if they are safe.  Some of these patches are experimental improvements written for Litecoin, or backports of patches for 0.9 that are not yet approved for inclusion in Bitcoin 0.9.  It is very important that these patches are tested and for problems to be reported, this helps to stabilize features that will be in future versions of both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Please submit Issues, code review comments or Pull Requests to the github branch exp-

OMG Faster!
OMG2 64bit Linux was measured as ~22% faster in reindex performance to height=400000 than when both clients were run with -dbcache=1000.  32bit OMG2 will not be much faster yet because SSE2 runtime detection is not yet implemented.  Please support Litecoin devs to help us work on improvements like this.

  • OMG2
    • Coin Control from 0.8.3
      • (latest version that Litecoin community has tested heavily)
    • Disable Wallet Mode
      • (optional advanced feature that is useful for relay-only, p2pool or pool nodes)
    • SSE2 block validation (currently 64bit only)
    • sipa's secp256k) (faster tx validation) 
    • Other minor performance improvements.

Upgrade Safely from Litecoin 0.8.x
There is no guarantee that this branch will be safe.  Your best bet is to make frequent backups of your wallet.dat. You may need to resync the entire blockchain with the standard Litecoin to recover if a major error happens with LItecoin OMG.  It is unlikely that any of your coins will be lost if you are able to restore from a recent backup of wallet.dat.

Faster Block Sync or Reindexing
You can make initial block download or -reindex much faster by running litecoin-qt or litecoind with the -dbcache=X parameter, where X is a number in megabytes you want to dedicate to the dbcache.  The default is 25MB which is fine for normal operation, but your reindexing of the entire blockchain can be much faster if you give it a higher number like 500 or 1000.  Remove -dbcache after your 0.8 is fully upgraded and synchronized with the blockchain to reduce your memory requirements.

Download Source Code
v0.8.5.1-omg2 tag

Download Binaries
Warning: Please use GPG to verify the integrity of the binary downloads.  Linux, MacOS or Win32 cygwin command line GPG instructions are available here.  The community wrote a Windows GPG4Win guide with screenshots which is available here.  Please note that the Linux and Win32 builds are signed by the team GPG key C37E4723969276F5 while the MacOS builds are signed by 657EB016521670C0.  The exact binaries for Linux and Win32 are reproducible with the Gitian procedure below.
  • Downloads are available from: [download link]
  • Supported Systems
    • Windows XP+
    • Linux
    • MacOS X 10.6.x+
    • MacOS X 10.5.x might work.  We are not sure.  We are interested in reports of it working or failing.
Discuss Litecoin OMG in this forum thread.

Support Litecoin Development
If you appreciate our work, please consider making a small donation to the Litecoin Dev Fundraiser.  It takes a considerable amount of effort to guard against mistakes while working on this software.  We also use funds to cover regular expenses like server infrastructure, hire a professional security auditor and other contractors, to pay a law firm to protect the project, and to produce an upcoming educational video about Litecoin.  Businesses may be interested in getting their name listed in the sponsor list.

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