Monday, September 9, 2013

Experimental disablewallet mode needs testing
An advanced feature heading to bitcoin-0.9 is the ability to disable the wallet of a bitcoind node.  Disabling the wallet reduces the memory use of the daemon by anywhere between 40MB and 200MB.  These nodes are useful in at least these ways.
  • The huge memory savings better enables the ability to deploy relay-only nodes on the smallest hardware or Virtual Machines.
  • p2pool or pool nodes do not require a wallet as mining payouts can be to a target address that is managed by a wallet on another machine.
The exp- branch contains a poorly tested backport of the above Bitcoin 0.9 pull request.  It seems to work great on relay nodes.

Testing Needed
Please help us to confirm that getblocktemplate and block submission continues to work with litecoind while disablewallet=1 has turned off the local wallet.  Please report any bugs you experience in a github issue.  Any bugs found during this testing will help to better this feature heading to bitcoin-0.9 and litecoin-0.9 later this year.

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