Thursday, August 22, 2013 Test Version

Tag v0.8.4.1 is the Litecoin equivalent to Bitcoin 0.8.4rc2.
Tag v0.8.4.1-cc is the Coin Control variant
Regular builds
Coin Control Builds

  • Bitcoin 0.8.4 contains minor bug and security fixes.  Litecoin contains equivalent patches although they are unimportant as Litecoin disabled bloom by default.
  • Minor efficiency improvement in block peer request handling.
  • MacOS X LevelDB corruption
    One fix in particular may be of interest is a rare block index LevelDB corruption issue that happened for MacOS X users.  Only Bitcoin 0.8.x users have been reporting that bug, but Litecoin would be similarly affected so we are testing the potential fix.  This issue was annoying but non-fatal for MacOS X users as they would occasionally need to reindex to recover.  Hopefully now they can avoid that annoyance.
  • Norwegian and Swedish translation fixes were submitted by community members.  They were actually errors in the Bitcoin translations.  Litecoin dev fixed it for the upcoming Bitcoin 0.9 release.
Please Report your Test Results
This test version should behave identically to litecoin-  If you find any differences please report it in comments here or in Github.

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